About me

I am a scientist at the Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit (CEU) and also Cambridge Cardiovascular, following positions at MRC Epidemiology Unit (2005-18, people), University College London (2002-5), King's College London (1996-2002, research portal), Harvard University (1994-6) and Ministry of Health, China (1988-94). I have a PhD in Genetics (2004, King's College London), master's (1988, Fudan University) and bachelor's (1985, Shandong University) degrees in Medicine. I am Fushan No 1 Middle School and Dong Huang Shan Primary School alumni.


My field is statistics, epidemiology and public heatlth with specific interest in genetic analysis of complex traits especially Omics-Analysis. I am working with the SCALLOP consortium following Whitehall II, ELSA, EPIC-Norfolk, Fenland, InterAct, NSHD and Framingham. The EPIC-Norfolk genomewide association study contributed to consortia such as GIANT and CHARGE therefore myself as a highly cited researcher. I am a member of the Royal Statistical Society and here are my biosketch and ResearchGate profile. I finished my term as associate editor for The Scientific World Journal in July 2017 and I am currently an assoficate editor editor for Frontiers in Genetics (blog network and profile) after ten years as a review editor.

Reproducible research

I promoted reproducible research through presentations at useR!2007, useR!2008, useR!2009, useR!2010, useR!2011, GWAS course, Henry-Stewart and local talks as with software collections. I collected bookmarks (PHPC, suggested sites, MRC with comments, UCL with comments and KCL with comments and a diagram--a mermaid version), created DSA, Numerical Analysis, Computational Statistics, physalia, software notes, Omics resources, as well as developed software (esp. Haplotype Analysis, R including pQTLtools) on GitHub and CRAN. At CEU, I am part of the cambridge-ceu GitHub organisation.

Colleagues and mentors

Beijing University: Yude Chen (School of Public Health)
Fudan University: Pihuan Jin, Fumin Shen, Zhaohuan Zhang (Wiki Entry)
Havard School of Public Health: David Christiani,William Hsiao (Wiki Entry), Nan Laird (Wiki Entry)
Kings College London: David Collier, Tao Li, Peter McGuffin (Wiki Entry), Robin Murrary (Wiki Entry)
Max Planck-CAS Paul Gerson Unna Research Group on Dermatogenomics: Sijia Wang
National Institute of Health: Abbas Parsian
Shandong University: Biostatistics
University College London: Steve Humphries, Michael Marmot (Wiki Entry), Andres Ruiz-Linares, Arron Hingorani
University of Hong Kong: Pak Sham
University of Illinois at Chicago: Xiping Xu
University of Southern Denmark: Qihua Tan


I would appreciate if you e-mail me your comments or information on citations (Google Scholar).

Date last changed 25/10/2023